Neuroscience t-shirt Designs

These t-shirts were designed for the UCSF Neuroscience graduate program for four different years. In each design, I merged together pieces of San Francisco and Neuroscience


Neuronal Bridge


The bay bridge as a series of neurons crossing into San Francisco. The buildings in San Francisco are also filled with different types of neurons. 

EEG of Hills

An EEG (electroencephalogram) is a readout of the electrical activity of a brain. It's recorded by putting electrodes on a person's scalp and reading the electrical changes of the brain below the place the electrode is attached. The results you get sort of look like bumpy lines and each location on the skull is it's own line.

I took the elevation information of San Francisco (which is a very hilly city) and I plotted it to look like an EEG. The back side of the traces has an outline of San Francisco overlaid onto it. 


Microscopic SF

Slides with sketches of places in San Francisco intermingled with some brain slices.




Mount Sutro and Sutro Tower are well known landmarks to residents of San Francisco. These landmarks are especially recognizable when they are beginning to be covered in fog. 

For this design I transformed Mount Sutro into a human brain and covered it with rolling fog.